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DAVID - Digitale Archivering in Vlaamse Instellingen en Diensten
The processing of information is more and more a matter of computers and electronic files. The question how these electronic files can be archived in a secure and lasting way, is keeping the world of ... [More]

DELOS - Network of Excellence for Digital Libraries
Digital Libraries represent a new infrastructure and environment that has been created by the integration and use of computing, communications, and digital content on a global scale destined to become... [More]

DIAMM (Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music)
The purpose of the Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music (DIAMM) is to obtain, archive and, where necessary, enhance digital images of European sources of medieval polyphonic music. These include ... [More]

DigiCULT draws on the results of the strategic study "Technological Landscapes for Tomorrows Cultural Economy - DigiCULT", that was initiated by the European Commission, DG Information Society (Unit D... [More]

Digital Archive
The Digital Preservation Department at the National Archives was set up in July 2001 and charged with developing a method of storing, preserving and providing access to electronic Government records ?... [More]

Digital Curation Centre
Scientists and researchers across the UK generate increasingly vast amounts of digital data, with further investment in digitisation and purchase of digital content and information. The scientific rec... [More]

Digital Information Office
The Strathclyde University Digital Information Office provides advice and guidelines for the management of electronic teaching, learning and research resources within the University, and services for ... [More]

Digital Preservation Coalition
The Digital Preservation Coalition was established in 2001 to foster joint action to address the urgent challenges of securing the preservation of digital resources in the UK and to work with others i... [More]

Digital Preservation Project
The Special Collections Department in the University Library recently initiated a Digital Preservation project to provide advice and act as a focus to raise awareness, university-wide, of Digital Pres... [More]

Digitale Duurzaamheid (Testbed Digitale Bewaring - Digital Preservation Testbed)
Commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the States Archives' Service, the Digital Preservation Testbed was established in 2001. The goal of the Testbed is to ensure the ... [More]

DIOC Building blocks for Effective Telematics Application Development and Evaluation (BETADE)
BETADE is dealing with the modelling, analysis, design, implementation, and operation of different aspects of distributed processes that can be done using the same set of components or building blocks... [More]

The aim of DISA is to make Southern African material of high socio – political interest, which would otherwise be difficult to locate and use, accessible to scholars and researchers worldwide. DISA... [More]

Dissertation Online - Co-ordination Agency for Online Dissertations and Post-doctoral Theses
During the project "Dissertation Online", the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft supported the development of solutions and assistances for the production, retrieval and long-term availability of digital... [More]

DLM Forum
This DLM Forum covers several areas of interest, (national policies & initiatives, organisational change, exploitation, and ICT) and formulates a series of recommendations. In particular, it provides ... [More]

DNER (Distributed National Electronic Resource)
A vision of online provision for the educational community in which high-quality resources would be accessible from any location, easily navigated and cross-searchable by subject or data type, inspire... [More]

DOMEA: Dokumentenmanagement und Elektronische Archivierung
In consequence of a government decision aimed at the rationalisation of public authorities, the German Government’s IT Coordination Office (KBSt) conducted the pilot project DOMEA (Document Manageme... [More]

Domesday for Windows
The National Archives has recently unveiled a new version of the 1986 BBC Domesday Project in the archives library at Kew. Together with LongLife Data Ltd, ATSF and the BBC, the National Archives have... [More]

Cambridge University Library, in association with the University Computing Service, has formulated a major project to provide the University with an institutional digital repository, "DSpace@Cambridge... [More]