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CAMiLEON (Creative Archiving at Michigan and Leeds: Emulating the Old on the New)


The CAMiLEON Project is developing and evaluating a range of technical strategies for the long term preservation of digital materials. User evaluation studies and a preservation cost analysis are providing answers as to when and where these strategies will be used. The project is a joint undertaking between the Universities of Michigan (USA) and Leeds (UK) and is funded by JISC and NSF.

CAMiLEON stands for Creative Archiving at Michigan and Leeds: Emulating the Old on the New. Emulation has been proposed as a digital preservation strategy that would enable obsolete systems to be run on future unknown systems, making it possible to retrieve, display and use digital documents with their original software. An apparent advantage of this approach is its potential to capture the ‘look and feel’ of digital objects as well as their intellectual content. Emulation as a preservation strategy raises many issues that the project will evaluate.

Contact Email:p.r.wheatley@leeds.ac.uk
Contact Name:Paul Wheatley
Country:England / U.S