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Cedars (CURL Exemplars in Digital Archives )


The Cedars project began in April 1998 and was initially funded for three years. It began as a collaboration between three CURL institutions: the universities of Leeds, Cambridge and Oxford. The increasing investment in and dependence on digital resources makes it crucially important that greater attention is given to how those resources are going to remain accessible beyond the very short term if there are not to be severe consequences for scholarly research.

The original project proposal stated that the main objective of the project was ‘to address strategic, methodological and practical issues and provide guidance in best practice for digital preservation. The Preservation 2000 Conference was hosted by Cedars to highlight international progress in digital preservation and was originally intended to mark the end of the project. A second project proposal for additional JISC funding for an additional year was successful. The extension year, to run from April 2001 to March 2001, sought to focus primarily to consolidate and disseminate the work of the previous three years. The project ended in March 2002.

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