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MIMAS (Manchester InforMation and Associated Services)


MIMAS (Manchester InforMation and Associated Services) is a JISC-supported national data centre run by Manchester Computing at the University of Manchester. MIMAS, formerly known as MIDAS, was designated a JISC National Data Centre in 1994 thus building upon a long record of providing computing services for UK academics. Since then the service has grown substantially both in terms of its portfolio of datasets and in its user base. As well as relevance to the work of individual researchers there is an increasing interest in the use of online datasets for learning and teaching.

MIMAS also intends to establish a role in the area of digital preservation, looking at the digital preservation requirements of the JISC and eScience to see how MIMAS might contribute to the solution of this growing need.

Contact Email:info@mimas.ac.uk
Address:Manchester Computing, Oxford R
Postcode:M13 9PL
Tel:+44 (0)161 275 6100