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DIOC Building blocks for Effective Telematics Application Development and Evaluation (BETADE)


BETADE is dealing with the modelling, analysis, design, implementation, and operation of different aspects of distributed processes that can be done using the same set of components or building blocks. The main idea is to first model the processes using a consistent (simulation) library of building blocks, and then use a completely similar structured set of building blocks for implementing the organizational structure, ICT support, and document flows. Taking into account these different aspects of complex systems design gives the BETADE program a broad research focus.

Among others, researchers pay attention to: information exchange and document standards using e.g. XML, libraries of components and building blocks for modelling and simulation, applications in document management and longevity of documents; and metamodels for component based design and repositories to store and maintain models.

The project is based in the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, which is part of the Delft University of Technology.

Contact Email:H.G.Sol@tbm.tudelft.nl
Contact Name:H.G.Sol
Address:Delft University of Technology
Postcode:5015, 2600 G