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EVA - The Acquisition and Archiving of Electronic Network Publications

EVA is a joint project by libraries, publishers and expert organizations, being part of the strategy program Education, Training and Research in the Information Society by the Finnish Ministry of Education. The central aim of the project is to create methods and tools to collect, register and archive electronic publications distributed on the Internet and to investigate conditions for long-term preservation of them in libraries. The objectives of EVA are to: Enhance criteria for selecting electronic documents, Create channels and mechanisms for acquiring electronic publications directly from publishers, Create mechanisms for collecting "grey" literature from Finnish Web-servers, Describe publications bibliographically using Finmarc, Dublin Core and other metadata formats, Create an archive for collected documents and software needed to maintain this kind of archive, Enhance mechanisms to ensure the authenticity of the collected material and to structure it for search facilities, Investigate means for long-term archiving, and review the development of norms of legal deposit and copyright concerning electronic material.

Contact Email:Kaisa.Kaunonen@Helsinki.Fi
Contact Name:Kaisa Kaunonen
Address:Helsinki University Library, P
Tel:00358 9 708 44294 &#
Fax:00358 9 753 9514