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Nordic Web Archive

The Nordic Web Archive (NWA) is the Nordic National Libraries forum for co-ordination and exchange of experience in the fields of harvesting and archiving web documents. Since November 2000 until July 2002 the NWA cooperation were focused on developing software for accessing archived web documents. This activity was organized as a project with software developers at every Nordic National Library and a Project Manager at the National Library of Norway. The project was funded by Nordunet2 and the Nordic National Libraries. The outcome of the project, a solution for searching and navigating archived web document collections, was named "the NWA toolset". The NWA toolset was built using PHP and Perl. It utilizes open standards like the http protocol and XML extensively for communication between different parts of the system

Contact Name:Sverre Bang
Address:National Library of Norway, P.
Tel:0047 23 27 63 00
Fax:0047 75 12 12 22