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DNER (Distributed National Electronic Resource)


A vision of online provision for the educational community in which high-quality resources would be accessible from any location, easily navigated and cross-searchable by subject or data type, inspired the original Distributed National Electronic Resource (DNER) plans.

Although the establishing of a distributed national electronic resource is still a key part of the JISC 5-year strategy, there were new factors that suggested it was time to move beyond "the DNER" and for the JISC to find more relevant ways to communicate its activities and its underlying objectives. The DNER was therefore "retired" in name during 2002. However, many of the features and activities of, and from, the DNER are being taken forward as part of the Information Environment initiative.

The DNER team no longer exists as an administrative entity, and the new JISC executive structure means that team members are distributed throughout all 4 branches of the JISC executive. The documents accessible from this site are retained for historical interest.