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DAVID - Digitale Archivering in Vlaamse Instellingen en Diensten


The processing of information is more and more a matter of computers and electronic files. The question how these electronic files can be archived in a secure and lasting way, is keeping the world of archives busy since many years. Everyone can see that digital archiving offers many advantages, also if traditional paper documents are concerned. Digital archives are more accessible and they take up less room. Digital archiving is however rather new and full of uncertainties. How can one guarantee the integrity of electronic archives? An electronic file can be changed rather easily. And how can one assure that an electronic file stays legible in the long term, considering the fast evolution in hardware and software? There are no standards yet and there are still many questions about the "digital durability" of electronic archival material. DAVIDís aim is to ensure the long-term preservation of the electronic records.

Contact Email:Filip.Boudrez@sd.antwerpen.be
Contact Name:Filip Boudrez
Address:Venusstraat 11, Antwerpen