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Maastricht McLuhan Institute


The Maastricht McLuhan Institute (MMI), European Centre for Digital Culture, Knowledge Organisation and Learning Technology, was officially opened by Dr Eric McLuhan in November, 1998 and began its formal activities in January, 1999 at the Grote Gracht 82 in Maastricht. MMI is an initiative of the Universiteit Maastricht, the Hogeschool Maastricht, the Hogeschool Limburg, the Limburgs Universitair Centrum (Diepenbeek), the LIOF Industriebank N.V. and the Province of Limburg.

The mission of the Research Unit on Digital Culture is twofold: to study the implications of ICT developments for culture and knowledge organisation. Academic research entails postgraduate students and visiting scholars; And to create comprehensive strategies for searching, structuring, using and presenting digital resources more coherently and efficiently; to integrate past knowledge and produce ordered knowledge that leads to new understanding and insights.

To achieve the latter, the research unit is developing an existing software, SUMS, in conjunction with a prototype of a Virtual Reference Room. The implications of this work for education and business are being developed by the Learning Lab and Competence Centre respectively. MMI was chosen as a first node of a European Network of Centres of Excellence in Cultural Heritage. Through this network MMI will contribute to an intellectual framework for interoperability. This work has grown out of the personal research of the director on Leonardo da Vinci and on the history of linear perspective, which was carried out in the Perspective Unit at the McLuhan Program in the University of Toronto from 1991 to 1996. The research section appointed two new members in 2000 and is intended to grow to a team of 20 within six years. The research unit has its own advisory board to guide it on matters of content.

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