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Roquade - Electronic Publishing Services for Scientists

In Dutch, Roquade means 'castling'. In a chess match, a player has a single opportunity to move his king and one of his rooks at the same time in order to obtain a strategic advantage. This was the underlying objective of Roquade, a project with the goal of providing electronic publishing services to the academic community. The project was instigated by three Dutch university libraries: Utrecht University Library, Delft University of Technology Library and the Netherlands Institute for Scientific Information Services. The Roquade project was completed in 2003. The mission of the Roquade project was: to enhance scientific communication in the interest of the scientific community. Practically, this mission translated into attempting to: Set-up an infrastructure for organising, co-ordinating, supporting and facilitating the digital publishing process for individual authors as well as for structured editorial boards; and make innovative contributions to scientific electronic publishing through collaboration with like-minded organisations such as learned societies and scientific publishers. At the end of the Roquade project, the deliverables and expertise gained throughout the life of the project were used by the University of Utrecht library as the basis for building a new electronic publishing and archiving department, Igitur. Igitur now supports some of the continuing projects (journals, publication sites, etc.) that were created during the Roquade project and it continues to assist the scientific community with new electronic publishing initiatives.

Contact Name:R. Dekker
Address:Library of Delft University of
Postcode:2600 MG