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ARELDA Project of the Swiss Federal Archives


The Swiss Federal Archives is responsible for the safe-keeping of their records. Concepts and techniques are developed and realized to preserve the documents which are a part of Switzerland's cultural assets. The preservation of records comprises 3 phases: preventative conservation of all documents, bulk conservation of individual fonds and restoration of endangered or damaged documents. The Swiss Federal Archivesi aim is to prevent damage through use backup copies (microfilm, digital copies) of records are made. Acidic paper is treated in bulk within the framework of Papersave Swiss. The preservation of new forms of media presents the archives with a great challenge. The Swiss Federal Archives participates in the archiving of audio-visual media with an in-house group of specialists FAGAM and as a member of Memoriav. The Swiss Federal Archives has been recording digital data since 1982. The special department ARELDA is entrusted with such recordkeeping and supports or advises the records management team of the Federal Archives as well as the departments of the Federal Administration. In addition, this special department strives for long-term solutions for permanent archiving within the framework of the e-government project ARELDA.

Contact Email:peter.keller@bar.admin.ch
Contact Name:Peter Keller
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