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kulturarw3 heritage


For six years the Royal Library (KB) has collected Swedish web ňages. Visitors at KB may now look at the collection at terminals in the library. The archive is not indexed, hence one must now the exact address of the page one wants to look at. The archive is available only within KB's realms.

The Royal Library (KB), Sweden's National Library has acquired, described, preserved and made available all swedish printed publications since the 17th century. Nowadays many documents are published only in digital form and the number of items increases rapidly. If we do not take care of this information, a considerable part of the swedish cultural heritage might be lost. Therefore the Royal Library has started a project with the aim of long time preservation of electronic information. The goal is to collect, preserve and make available swedish documents from the Internet. This lays the foundation of a collection of the swedish electronic publishing in our time and for future generations.

Contact Email:allan.arvidson@kb.se
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