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CORDIS - The European Commission's Research and Development Information Service

CORDIS, the European Commission's Research and Development Information Service, is providing a new Guidance interface to help explain the wide range of information available on its key services. One of the projects that deal with Digital Preservation is the Computerised Bibliographic Record Actions Plus Preservation and Service Developments for Electronic Publications. This is a concerted action, involving national libraries in Europe. Its main goals are to build on a concertation activity (CoBRA) set up in 1993 to promote initiatives and actions in the area of national bibliographic services at a European level. CoBRA+ consolidates previous work while widening its focus beyond national bibliographic services to include collection based issues particularly those concerned with electronic publications and related service developments in national libraries. Particular emphasis is placed on resource access and sharing, user needs and the use of communications networks to achieve these aims.

Address:B.P. 2373 Luxembourg,
Tel:00352 44 10 12 2240
Fax:00352 44 10 12 2248