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HDC - Hellenic Digitisation Committee

Hellenic Digitisation Committee (HDC) is aiming at the creation of the priceless, in terms of cultural value, Hellenic digital repository. At the same time, the project aims to be a tool of coordination and cooperation among institutions and organizations that will actively participate in the creation of the digital HCC and will form the digitisation Network. Moreover, this Internet portal is an information source for every institution that is interested in issues regarding cultural content digitisation. The project's operation is being funded by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, while its development, maintenance and constant updating are being carried out by the High Performance Computing Laboratory, at the University of Patras.

Contact Name:Th. Papatheodorou
Address:Georgiou Tertseti 1, Patras
Tel:30 61 997754
Fax:30 61 997706