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DSpace Installation Training Workshop

Glasgow, 9-11 September 2003

This workshop provides training and guidance for technical staff of institutions that are considering implementing a digital repository using the 'DSpace' software. The workshop, organized jointly by the DSpace@Cambridge project and ERPANET, will enable participants to develop a knowledge of, and practical skills in the installation and implementation of DSpace, which they can then utilise within their own institution.

DSpace ( is a digital repository system, created as a joint project between MIT Libraries and the Hewlett-Packard Company, and publicly released in November 2002 as open-source software.

It manages and distributes digital items, made up of digital files (or "bitstreams") and allows for the creation, indexing, and searching of associated metadata to locate and retrieve the items. It is also designed to support the long-term preservation of the digital material stored in the repository.

The DSpace system is freely available as open-source software from SourceForge ( under the terms of the BSD distribution licence. Open-source systems like DSpace are available for anyone to download and run at any type of institution, organization, or company (or even just an individual). Users are also allowed to modify DSpace to meet an organization's specific needs. The specific terms of use are described in the BSD distribution licence.

About the Sponsors

The Cambridge-MIT Institute (CMI)
CMI ( is a six-year strategic alliance between Cambridge University and MIT funded by the UK Government with the remit to "improve the competitiveness, productivity and entrepreneurship of the United Kingdom by educating leaders, discovering knowledge and developing technologies, and creating programs for change using a partnership of MIT and Cambridge".

The DSpace@Cambridge project ( is a three-year collaboration between Cambridge University Library and MIT Libraries funded by a CMI grant. The project will enable Cambridge University to contribute to the development of the DSpace software, and also to assist other UK universities wishing to implement DSpace. The costs of the training team for the Glasgow workshop are sponsored by the DSpace@Cambridge project.

The European Commission funded ERPANET project is facilitating this event. The dominant feature of ERPANET is the provision of a virtual clearinghouse and knowledge-base on state-of-the-art developments in digital preservation and the transfer of that expertise among individuals and institutions. This workshop is part of their regular events to disseminate knowledge and expertise.

The workshop will take place at the Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute (HATII) at the University of Glasgow ( HATII has donated the use of their state-of-the art multimedia lab to enable the workshop.

Details of accommodation are available from "University of Glasgow Accommodation".

The workshop will begin at midday on 9th September, and finish at lunchtime 11th September. A full programme will be available here soon.

The lead trainers will be Richard Rodgers (Systems Manager, DSpace Federation, MIT, USA) and Tom De Mulder (Systems Manager, DSpace@Cambridge, Cambridge University, UK).


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