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Audit and Certification in Digital Preservation

Wednesday 14th - Friday 16th April 2004
Stadsarchief Antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgium

The workshop discussed the role of audit and certification in achieving and maintaining the appropriate level of digital preservation. It will provide insight in the phenomenon of audit, its purpose and the different perspectives. Issues included possible audit frameworks and standards, the corporate roles and responsibilities, as well as the existing experiences in other areas such as financial management, government, and information systems. Practical experiences in various environments were offered to stimulate discussion of the issues involved.


During 5 sessions expert will presented their perspective on the issues as well as their experiences. In the 3 breakout sessions, one each day, participants had the opportunity to discuss their experiences and concerns in smaller groups.

Venue and Accomodation

The venue was the University of Antwerp, in the historic centre of the city.


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