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Experts Workgroup on the Preservation of Digital Memory

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Following the Council Resolution of 25 June 2002 on preserving tomorrow's memory - preserving digital content for future generations (2002/C 162/02) and in preparation of the International Conference in Firenze on 16/17 October 2003 under the coordination of the Italian Presidency, an experts workgroup was proposed to check the state-of-art and plan development as needed to implement the resolution principles. The workgroup has been leaded by the Erpanet and Minerva projects, under the chairing of the European Commission and the Italian Presidency.

In particular, the Council Resolution invites European Commission and Member States to report on current situation and to draw up an action plan as appropriate.

The participants list collects both names of experts involved in the preparation of the resolution or nominated by national authorities through the NRG (National Representatives Group), and names of experts involved in key initiatives worldwide.

The workgroup aims to reach 3 main goals:

This first activity was the star-up of a cooperative-process to define priorities and mechanisms to improve coordination and effectiveness of national and sectoral initiatives on digital preservation across Europe.

The work has been finalised into the “Firenze agenda” and successfully presented at the Conference in Firenze on 16-17 October under the Italian Presidency. At the same conference, two very interesting studies were presented: one on emergencies for digital memory, and one on the current legal situation on the field across Europe.

After that the agenda has been endorsed by the national representatives of 27 countries (Member States, Newly Accession States, Russia, Israel) at the 5th NRG meeting in Parma on 19 November. The NRG has endorsed this workgroup activity as complementary with the digitisation issue. Giving support both as experts participation and as network infrastructure and progress promotion.

The workgroup will continue activity after the conference in Firenze in order to feed a cooperation at European level, reinforce awareness and consensus on the initiative. The Netherlands Presidency in the second semester of 2004, will organise a second conference on digital memory preservation where progress and workplan of the “Firenze agenda” will be presented and discussed with all the Member States representatives.