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Metadata as a concept is perhaps the longest living element in the field of digital preservation. Metadata have been key in the access and preservation of traditional information media, and they are now playing a crucial role in the electronic information age. ERPANET has recently brought together, in a number of fora, experts in metadata to discuss some of the major problems in the area and what advances are being made. The resulting metadata Workshop report and accompanying erpaChat have brought to light many interesting concepts, thoughts and ideas on the future of metadata and their role in helping continued access to electronic resources. Also within the resources below are commentaries on key articles, monographs and projects from the ERPANET database. If you have further questions on metadata for digital preservation and access, please use ERPANET's advisory service to ask our experts.



Post-Marburg chat with speakers from the conference. Discussion covered, among other things, automation, Library and Archive collaboration, and interoprtatbility.